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Fairy queen2Blessings from the Celtic Healer!

Hello! I’m Marcia. As a Celtic Tonal Healer, I have been privileged to witness amazing healing experiences that have happened for my clients.  It makes me infinitely happy to share these healing stories – as well as everything I have learned in the process of healing myself, which is always an ongoing thing.   I love helping others through what life has blessed them with.

I have a YouTube video that I have video on YouTube that gives you kind of an idea of what happens in my treatments and there is a sample of my singing! The Singing Healer

Please feel welcome to share your comments or questions about anything I post. Also, remember that I can do this type of healing from anywhere to anywhere! Just in case you hear I’m in Ireland or Scotland, don’t fret, I’ll still be present working my magic!


Marcia Colver Reichert

Contact Marcia for an appointment at 406-281-0135


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