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Blessings and welcome!!

When I was four years old singing in church with my parents I made the decision that I was going to be a great singer for God. I began practicing making sure that my voice sounded the best. I sang in the choir in church, I was in band in school, even did bell choir in church also. When I got to high school I earned many awards for my vocal abilities and also sang in the All Northwest Choir. I continued singing when I attended college and in fact was going to go for a music degree but life happened and I had to support two children on my own. My beliefs have changed and shifted but I still sing for God!

When my daughter was born I decided that I needed a career where I could work at home, so I studied and became a medical transcriptionist, typing up doctor’s notes. I excelled at this, soon making more money than most. I eventually had the opportunity to work from home. Unfortunately this kept me seated in a chair for way too much of the day. I did become very good at communicating over emails and the Internet and that was the only way I could communicate. I completely lost touch with the public and my doctor was my social life, which was great because I had all kinds of medical issues from sitting at a computer for at least 10 hours a day. I went from social butterfly to recluse and didn’t even go out to my own garden very often.

After falling off of a horse and having to get cortisone shots in my neck to be able to move it I decided I needed a career that would get me back up off of my butt. I thought about going back to work at one of the refineries but I decided that since I had such an extensive medical background I should make use of that, so I began the course for massage therapy. This terrified me at first because we were to get naked and there were men in the class! What bothered me at the time is laughable to me now.

After graduating massage school with an extended class in NeuroMuscular Therapy, I was approached by a woman who wanted to do a trade, Reiki for massage. I accepted, intrigued, and my first session scared the living daylights out of me because she said I had an attachment and that it wasn’t good. She was not experienced in removing such things, so she waited to remove it and contacted her Reiki Master/Teacher and asked for advice. She called in Archangel Gabriel and he removed the soul that was attached to me. I was absolutely fascinated and researched Archangel Gabriel in the Bible and then found my first Reiki class. I went through the first class as soon as possible and then eventually became a Reiki Master myself.

I had dedicated myself to Spirit and wanted to learn and develop everything I could in order to help people heal and live better lives. People along the way kept telling me I was psychic and I kept resisting thinking they were crazy. When people told me that they saw me in the future healing people with just a touch I thought they were really off their rocker. It was during this time when I was traveling a lot for work and drove without a stereo in the vehicle fairly often, so I would entertain myself by singing. I eventually realized that I didn’t use all of the talents that Spirit had given me for healing, one being my voice and the other being dance. I began studying how people used sound for healing and began trying it out on people. At first I began with just single tones for balancing and expanding their chakras. It worked wonders and people loved my voice.

I was introduced to Celtic music by a man who I still consider to be one of the best people I know. He and others helped me develop my Celtic singing style and I began asking regular clients if I could sing during their treatments. I realized that while I sang much more energy would be released from their muscles and energy meridians would become balanced automatically. This was absolutely fascinating to me and I wanted to learn more.

Eventually I had my “coming out of the closet” day during a psychic fair in Billings, Montana. I began the day with a massage table set up in my booth but no one was coming in, so I gave in, folded it up and put a chair out. That spiked people’s curiosity and the first woman asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was going to sing around her, wrap her in sound and balance all of her energy systems. She was game to try and from that point on the people never stopped coming. People would hear me singing and be naturally attracted to my booth. One man, a retired minister, even tried to debunk me but when he realized I was just channeling Spirit he began directing more people toward my booth. I had made the agreement with Spirit that I would do this as long as my voice held out and the words kept coming. I never forgot the words to any of the songs and my voice lasted all 8 hours!

I have since become a master/teacher in massage therapy as well as many different kinds of energy work, developing psychic gifts and also metaphysics. I do concerts all over the United States and also private energy treatments. I currently have an album out and am looking forward to expanding in that arena as well as writing my own songs and eventually books. I love living for Spirit and helping people wherever I travel and I see great rewards in helping people reconnect with their own versions of Spirit.

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