Ascension Pains

With the expansion of my business I have found it wonderful that people are coming into Soul Sync just to hang out and talk about metaphysical things and psychic things. It has been very interesting the people coming through our office lately. We have groups that meet on a regular basis on Tuesday and Thursdays now and there are more and more coming out that are wanting to know what to do with their particular psychic gifts. It is interesting what people are doing with their gifts as well. Some are very timid and not coming out to make use of their gifts and some have rather taken over just knowing everyone needs what they have to offer. Neither are wrong and each person handles this differently. All, however, are experiencing signs and symptoms of ascension. These can show themselves in many different ways and it may make them harder to handle because of the diversity of what people are going through.

Many things have been written on the topic of ascension and I’m sure if you Google ascension symptoms you will find many lists, in fact this one is quite helpful: So many people are experiencing this phenomenon right now that people like me who have been in this business for a while are just looking around thinking, “Wow! I recognize this but I can’t put my finger on it right now…” I was looking at a friend of mine the other night with that very look in my eyes. A look of knowing but not really being able to verbalize what she needed to know. I did give her a grounding exercise that I hope helped. It wasn’t until Danielle Egnew and I did a radio show on and talked about the rate that the universe is slamming us into our roles for 2015 that I really put it all together.

If you are experiencing any weirdness in your life, especially bodily symptoms of some odd thing, please look up these signs. Some of us are growing exponentially spiritually but feel like we are going nowhere, so we get frustrated and perhaps jealous. That is very normal. You have your own gifts. They likely will not express themselves the way your neighbor or partner in crime has their gifts expressed. You might watch someone else begin to see auras and think, “Well why the hell can’t I see that?” It is because you aren’t meant to see that right now but that person may not be able to dissect a human organ energetically and figure out exactly why what isn’t functioning, make the correct adjustments, put things back together and make the person well again. HOLY COW WOMAN do you know how invaluable that is? And yes, I am speaking about one specific person right now who is going through this very thing.

When I was waking up I had a group of people who met in Red Lodge many of whom were in the healing business for a long time who gave great advice on these ascension symptoms. I got cold symptoms that would only last part of a day and then go away, headaches, and I mean OH MY HELL take me to the ER headaches, dreams that were prophetic, I would glow with happiness one minute and be pissed the next. Manic symptoms are very common. One thing to keep in mind during all of this is that if you think you might be crazy, you likely aren’t. Just lean back and ride the wave through. That is really all you can do because fighting what the universe has planned for you is going to hurt!

I am also watching people attempting to go backward in their lives. They are going back to people who have been exes for a long time and I am not understanding the thinking there, other than they are very afraid to face the fear of the unknown. I’m not one to give in to fears or to allow others to control me. Once I see that is what is happening I get out of that situation very fast. We all are different, however, and I have asked God to use me to help people get through all of this. My ascension symptom right now is that I am frustrated that people can’t see that they are hurting themselves instead of facing their fears. It took writing this to see that.

Whatever you are going through right now, please don’t get frustrated but if you do, forgive yourself and take a bath or go for a walk or whatever you do to take your mind off of the world. One great exercise is the following:

Take off your shoes, put your feet flat on the ground and relax. Picture your feet growing roots deep into the ground. Make those roots go way down deep so that you can pick up as much earth energy as possible. Bring that energy up through your feet and allow it to take over every cell of your body from your feet up to your head in a slow, comforting wave. (If you have time…if you don’t, allow it to happen instantaneously. It still works!) Allow that energy to fill up every chakra along the way and make sure loads of it is flowing through your heart. Allow it to flow all the way to the top of your head and blow out through the top. See all that energy flowing from the earth through you and straight up to the heavens. Then see the healing energy from the heavens, which looks like liquid opal, flow straight down into your head filling up every cell with healing energy, flowing down through every chakra, overflowing your heart, all the way down to your feet and into the earth. Sit that way for a while seeing earth energy flowing through you and healing heavenly energy flowing through you. Think about things in your life. Are you moving forward or are you fighting? Is the pain you are experiencing yours or someone else’s? Is it possible to allow all that energy to just take the pain away from you and ground it into the earth? Is it possible to get the energy you need to go on from the heavens and the earth? The answer to that one is yes!

Take some time for yourself right now. Everyone is experiencing not being able to get a grip on the world because it is moving so fast right now. You can choose to unplug and allow yourself time to comprehend what is going on with you, so please do so. It will make you feel much better about what is going on in your world. Remember that it is YOUR world and it is what YOU make of it. Do you want it to be new and fun or do you want to repeat lessons over and over? The choice is definitely yours.

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  1. Hey Marcia!

    Love what you have to say here! It’s so important for people who are waking up to remember to take care of themselves. This can be such a physical/emotional/mental/spiritual roller coaster ride – but the results are amazing! Great advice! Thank you for posting this.


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